DLI Webinar Series

For the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow, newer challenges await in unprecedented ways. Be it a pandemic, economic slowdown, the effects of political upheavals, or AI taking over jobs in the future. In order to pre-empt such situations and be future ready - students need knowledge and a combination of acquirable 21st century skills to ensure their readiness and success not only in law school, but life too.

Our webinar series are aimed to help students engage with members from the legal fraternity and discover law as a profession. The field of law is interdisciplinary, holistic and offers a plethora of opportunities. At LSAC, we endeavor to support students with knowledge and know-how in the field of Law so that they make well informed career choices.

To encourage students and facilitate their journey, we are having discussions on burning crucial and relevant issues - what it takes to pursue legal education in current times, the new and transferable skill-sets a student will develop during the course of his/her academic journey in law, experiences of young lawyers and how LSAT—India opened the path to admissions in premier Law Colleges in India, not just through the test but through scholarships, networking, internship opportunities and much more.

Decoding Law Colleges in 2021: Leadership's Talk

LSAC Global brings you an informative session with the leadership team of some of the leading law schools in India to make it easier for you to gather the information for making your selection.

Get into your Dream Law College 2021

As our mission to ease the enrolment process for Law School aspirants we facilitate this webinar to answer all your queries and concerns around LSAT—India™ as well as the Law school admission process.

Global Perspectives in Law: From India and Beyond

The aim of this webinar is to help you understand the benefits of global legal education and highlight the academic and professional opportunities available to students.

LSAC Discover Law India - Journeys In Law, A Family Affair

A Law Aspirant, a Law Student, a Practicing Lawyer and a Law Teacher/Mentor - a deep dive with the Father-Son and Mother-Daughter duo(s) ion how they identified and pursued the career of their choice.

LSAC Discover Law India Law and Beyond - Real Stories

Real stories and experiences of law graduates who followed their passion and made an impact in their respective fields.

The Impact of AI on Diversity: The Bright and Dark side of AI in Law

The tools of artificial intelligence are being integrated rapidly with legal systems all around the world. This shift comes with myths and realities. Watch this webinar to dive deep into busting some of these myths and exploring the impact of AI on law.