Should the outlook towards law entrance exams evolve?

With the increase in awareness and interest of students towards pursuing a legal education and a legal career, the law school entrance examinations today have become more competitive and challenging than ever.

The real challenge, however, lies in the preparation for these exams. Usually these law entrance exams are scheduled around the same time as class 12th board exams hence it is important for an aspirant to be well organized in his preparation. I personally was into a lot of stress due to multiple exams happening around the same time. Also, the peer pressure led me to become more competitive than usual. However, all of this and the environment at the coaching center, writing mock tests and participating in classroom discussions had equipped me to perform my absolute best. I was prepared to encounter the toughest challenge.

But the question is, with all the time and finances invested in the preparation of these exams do they actually prepare you for your law school? What I realized is, in the current competitive and dynamic environment it is critical that these exams help aspirants to prepare for skills needed in a law school.

LSAT—India is one such prodigious test that a law aspirant must appear to secure admission into prestigious law schools in the country. These law schools are constantly working towards providing quality legal education to students. I was immensely pleased with the structure of the LSAT—India test and the fact that it tests a student’s critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills which are paramount to success in a law school.