Prepare for the LSAT─India

The multiple-choice questions that make up the LSAT─India reflect a broad range of academic disciplines and are not intended to give any advantage to candidates from a particular academic background. The LSAT─India does not include questions requiring the mastery of any specific discipline or set of facts. For example, it does not test your knowledge of history, political theory, mathematics, or even general knowledge. Rather, it is a test of important critical thinking skills acquired over your educational lifetime. Therefore, you don't need to learn facts by rote for the LSAT─India. You only need to practice the critical thinking skills that it assesses.


More Ways to Prepare

The LSAT—India is a test of important critical thinking skills. Understanding LSAT—India test questions can help you fare better on the test. You can now receive more test material, test question explanations, tips on preparation, and other exam-related details on


Suggested Overall Approach

First, familiarise yourself with the types of test questions. You can start by studying the Sample Questions with Explanations.

Download the Sample Questions with Explanations

The Official LSAT─India Handbook

When you register for the LSAT─India, you may purchase a copy of The Official LSAT─India Handbook. This book provides details about the test pattern, types of questions, and other important information.


The Official LSAT─India SuperPrep

You may also purchase a copy of The Official LSAT─India SuperPrep when you register. This book contains one whole test with complete explanations for every correct and incorrect answer choice. This is a good place to begin practising test questions. Because there are explanations for every question, you can understand your results and assess your strengths and weaknesses.


The Official LSAT─India Prep Tests

After that you should continue practising using the available PrepTests, taking some test sections and then full tests under timed conditions. Be sure to analyse your performance and focus on improving.

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