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Formulating disruptive strategies

The Statesman | 24 May 2022

Law and policymaking programmes contribute towards the creation of an inclusive, just and sustainable society Law as a profession has come a long way....

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Preparing for law entrance exams? 5 mistakes that you should avoid

India Today | 23 May 2022

Law has gradually emerged to become a professional career of choice and has acquired immense importance with the advent of newer technologies, challenges and blurring of international borders....

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Work hard, work smart

The Hindu | 7 May 2022

For aspiring lawyers, the law school entrance exam can be a daunting undertaking. But all it needs is adequate preparation. Whether you’re taking the Law School Admission Test-India (LSAT-India), Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), or....

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How to get job or internship in chamber of senior advocate of Supreme Court

India Today | 7 March 2022

Your first internship or job outside of law school is an important stepping stone towards shaping your legal career. For many, it's the first opportunity to apply the valuable skills....

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5 qualities you need to become a great lawyer

India Today | 22 Feb 2022

A career in law is diverse and ever-changing. That's what draws some of the brightest minds to this profession year after year. Students who are successful in law school go on to practice...

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How can law students maximise benefits of mentorship

The Hindu | 11 Dec 2021

Understanding its impact in law schools and how students can maximise its benefits. At its core, mentorship in the academic and professional world of law entails a one-on-one relationship...

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How LSAT—India Can Help One to Boost His/Her Law Career

Careers 360 | 2 Dec 2021

Law is becoming an exceedingly relevant field of study in current times. The study of Law helps one understand and work in almost any field as the skills that one develops...

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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Preparing for Law Entrance Exams

Careers 360 | 2 Dec 2021

Studying law can open many doors for you and enhance your career prospects. However, the first step in your legal education journey most likely will be a law school entrance examination...

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How to Prepare for LSAT—India 2022 and Other Law Entrance Exams

Careers 360 | 1 Dec 2021

As 2021 is coming to an end, with challenges and new hopes, high school students who have decided on a career in law, are at the start of their law school application process...

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How can Law Universities enable entrepreneurship

Hindustan Times | 28 Jul 2021

With a dearth of employment opportunities, discomfort in the current working environment and a desire to create their own way – Lawyers are leaving the courtroom...

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Looking beyond a litigation career

Hindustan Times | 07 Jul 2021

Law as a profession is often seen narrowly as being only a system of dispute resolution rather than in its broader role of being an instrument of establishing accountability, justice, equality, and providing protection to the oppressed...

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LSAT—India 2021: Here's why LSAT—India is a must exam for all law school aspirants

India Today | 21 May 2021

The preparation for LSAT—India needs consistent, intelligent hard work. Here are some expert tips and tricks to crack the exam in one go. Why it is a must for all law school aspirants?...

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Covid Effect- Admission in foreign universities likely to be tough in 2021

The Indian Express | 26 Feb 2021

The coronavirus pandemic last year forced a lot of students to defer their plans to study abroad. Experts now say that it’s going to be tough this year as well to get a seat in foreign universities, as those who could not make it last year...

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What it takes to be a good lawyer

Deccan Herald | 16 Feb 2021

The need for a lawyer came from the need of individuals from all walks of life to have someone represent their interests in court. Over the years, this expanded to include not just representation in court but also problem-solving...

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Lay down the law

The Hindu | 06 Feb 2021

With the LSAT—India exams having been postponed to May 2021, here are a few tips to help aspiring lawyers crack the entrance exams. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsberg were all lawyers...

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What to Expect in Law School

Silicon India | 06 Jan 2021 /28 Jan

Yusuf is responsible for prospecting leads, securing new business, and executing a comprehensive growth strategy. Going to law school is one of the most exciting, transformative, and challenges experiences you will ever have in life...

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