Legal Education in India

'My Guide to surviving Law School' By Utkarsh Sharma, Legal Intern, LSAC Global

Law School is full of long nights, followed by even longer days. Law School survival is no joke. We need to plan and execute as quickly as possible. So, here I am, sharing the skills I have learnt from my experience at Law School

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'Pursuing Legal Education during the Pandemic' by Sahil Charniya

It has been a year since the COVID-19 pandemic led to a prolonged lockdown in the country across various sectors which has been seen to be extending indefinitely in the education sector. With vaccines tuning up, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and the stakeholders involved in the sector hope to see classes resume back on campus with the traditional face to face or F2F models. The general opinion of both the teachers and students with respect to online classes, which replaced the F2F method as a necessity, seems to be the one that would fit right in the context of the "something is better than nothing" phrase.

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Types of Law Degree Program

Unlike other professional studies, the study of law doesn’t culminate in just one particular type of degree. Law colleges in India offer several types of law degree. Your choice of which degree to pursue will depend on your interests, career goals, and educational qualification. The three major categories of law degree programmes are integrated degree programmes, traditional degree programmes, and Master's programmes.

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'Untwining the Moot Court Exercise' by Arushi Sharma

In their law school journey, students learn about the practical application of law and court procedure through the activity of Moot Court. Moot court is one of the important aspects of law school journey. The exercise of participating in moot courts makes one aware of the process of solving a legal case. Moot Court enables students to learn research skills, oratory skills, quick reflective thinking, critical and analytical reasoning skills. This article discusses the essentials of a moot court

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'Life as a Law Student' by Samarth Chaddha

Samarth Chaddha is a graduate of the Jindal Global Law School and New York University School of Law. He has worked as a corporate lawyer for law firms in India and UAE. In the below article Samarth describes some of what you can expect to experience in law school—both the rewards and the challenges.

Being a law student can be one of the most rewarding periods in one’s life. This is your time to explore your interests, do internships, take part in moot court competitions, and write research papers.

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