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As we have more students acknowledging

" the need to pursue equity and justice in today’s times, the Online LSAT-India test has become just the most ideal and convenient test that bridges the gap between law aspirants and their dream law school-. It is s test that can be taken by a law aspirant of any educational background be it English Literature, History, Data Science or Engineering; LSAT-India facilitates law aspirants to test & master their critical thinking and logical skills, which are inevitable pre-requisites to pursue legal education effectively. With the emergence of a new normal in the post-pandemic world, the Online LSAT-India 2021 is just the next go-to for law aspirants. "

Sarah Wahab

Sarah Wahab

IFIM Law School

A genuine and self-aware people's person who aims to perform to the best of her abilities and loves to contribute to animal welfare projects.