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Justice League Program

Welcome to the Justice League Program

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About the Justice League Program

The Justice League Program comprises of students pursuing their law degrees at reputed law schools in India. It is a community of students who have high degree of passion, integrity and self-confidence to become Leaders of tomorrow. The selected students shall serve as ambassadors representing the vision of their respective law school and assist in propagating legal education amongst their peer groups and school students.

Listen. Learn Lead

I cannot think of another career path more dynamic, more challenging, and more stimulating than law. Given that many students have never been exposed to lawyers and might not consider a career in the legal profession, India, as a whole, suffers when these talented, creative, and bright individuals choose to pursue career opportunities in commerce, engineering, or medicine. In response to this need, we launched the Justice League Program to increase awareness of, and build interest in, careers in the Indian legal profession.

Yusuf Abdul-Kareem

Yusuf Abdul-Kareem

Vice President, Emerging Markets, LSAC

The benefit of becoming a Justice League Ambassador

The Program aims to give them an opportunity to develop and showcase their leadership, writing, and communication skills by voicing their opinions on relevant issues of law thus helping in identifying critical opportunities of growth for the law community in India. They shall participate in student panel discussions or writing blogs and other supporting materials. They shall also represent LSAC Global Law Alliance at events, fairs, and forums etc and assist in planning, coordination and execution of initiatives led by LSAC Global. Apart from unique learnings from the LSAC Global team and established stakeholders from the Indian legal sector, ambassadors shall receive a certificate of recognition and a reference letter certifying their contribution towards the Program. With this, two ambassadors shall qualify for 'Young Leader Award' and 'Best Ambassador Award' for their excellent contribution.


The following students were a part of the program for the academic year 2020-2021.


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It is said that, the pen is mightier than the sword" and the foremost objective of the Penmen Group is to reaffirm this noble thought. The Penmen Group strives to create creative, original and exciting written content for the Justice League Program which not only throws light on important legal issues but also shows out the dynamic and everchanging nature of law. The Penmen Group is a platform for the current and future law students to create and further enhance their skills in writing, research and through that expand their horizons.

Meet the Ambassadors

  • Aneesh Khare, Leader

    Aneesh Khare, Leader

    MIT-World Peace University, Faculty of Law

    A team player who believes in inclusiveness. He likes to keep himself abreast of current affairs and hopes to pursue a career in international law.

  • Kartik Pathak, Sr. Ambassador

    Kartik Pathak, Sr. Ambassador

    BML Munjal University, School of Law

    A generous helper who likes to participate in debates and aspires a career in criminal Law...

  • Anurag Singh

    Anurag Singh

    GD Goenka University

    A highly enthusiastic individual with a prior experience of mentoring school students. constitutional law and penal law interest him...


  • CSR: A Comparative Analysis

    An article covering the history of corporate social responsibility and how it is not only an essential for ethical business but also a legal obligation under the Companies Act, 2013.

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  • One Step in the Right Direction

    An article covering the importance of the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community in India. The article also highlights the need to accept them and treat them equally and with respect.

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  • The Law of Sedition: A global analysis

    An article covering the origin and use of Sedition across the world that also highlights the importance of balancing State interests and individual rights.

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The Student Engagement Group aims to propagate legal education amongst law aspirants by identifying unique initiatives that helps them get a better sense of what a career in law might entail. It aims to cultivate interest on disruptive issues happening in the global legal landscape through Instagram Live, Quizzes, Podcasts and etc. This would further encourage positive attitude in translating their curiosity into careers by equipping them with important professional skills, all the while, building a unique culture of legal awareness.

Meet the Ambassadors

  • Aryaman Singh, Leader

    Aryaman Singh, Leader

    Bennett University

    A resilient and perceptive student looking to have effective and spirited discussions. He is a skilled mooter...

  • Tasneem Husain, Sr. Ambassador

    Tasneem Husain, Sr. Ambassador

    BML Munjal University, School of Law

    An adventurous person who is an admirer of Harry Potter books. She likes to spend her time preparing for Events and Moot Courts...

  • Ritu Basu, Sr. Ambassador

    Ritu Basu, Sr. Ambassador

    Adamas University

    An influencer with negotiation skills who is always ready to face new challenges. She aspires to pursue a career in criminal law or human rights law...


  • Are you ready to be an Intern?

    Internships have always been a competitive affair at law schools. Apart from giving a peek into the industry and a chance to get hands-on-experience, they also help at polishing one's soft skills and professional exposure.

    We are back with yet another session as part of our IG Live Series. Join us to know about how should you prepare for an internship, so that you make the most out of it!

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  • Imperative Dialogue

    The initiative aims to bring together inquisitive group of ambassadors having interest in various aspects of law and who will elucidate on a research matter, a particular topic finding a prominent place in current affairs, a controversial judgment and etc. It aims to be a forum wherein there is amalgamation of topics of legal nature and deliberation and acceptance of thoughts having contrary opinions thereby making it more thought provoking and engaging.

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  • How to crack law entrance exam while preparing for 12th Board Exams

    An interesting podcast discussing proactive strategies for managing law entrance exams preparation while also preparing for the board exams.

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The Events Group seeks to offer engagement opportunities to the legal community by focusing and planning effective and innovative events. It introduces flagship events like, the Student Roundtable series aimed at building and strengthening a connection with the community, and the Lawntrepreneurs contest that empowers students’ to test their creative and strategic thinking abilities. These events inculcate leadership skills, team building and communication skills in the ambassadors, and encourages peer-to-peer learning.

Meet the Ambassadors

  • Jennifer Philip, Leader

    Jennifer Philip, Leader

    Bennett University

    An academically oriented student who is a team player and loves to participate in International Moot Court Competitions...

  • Nazneen Bashir, Sr. Ambassador

    Nazneen Bashir, Sr. Ambassador

    IFIM Law School

    An effective communicator who wishes to address important legal issues and create awareness about legal education...

  • Abhay Sharma, Sr. Ambassador

    Abhay Sharma, Sr. Ambassador

    Bennett University

    A tireless perfectionist who has mastered skills like negotiation and public speaking. He looks to create opportunities in the most challenging situations.


  • 1st Law Student Roundtable Discussion

    The Law Student Roundtable is a flagship program wherein panelists from MIT WPU, Bennett University, Amity Jaipur, BML Munjal and IFIM, Sinhgad Law College, Pune were given an opportunity to bring forward their unique ideas and opinions on Law and legality of cryptocurrency in India, and The need for an introduction of more stringent legal education in law school.

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