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Welcome to the Justice League Program

Discoverlaw - law school students

Meet the Justice League Ambassadors

  • Aneesh Khare

    Aneesh Khare

    MIT World Peace University, Faculty of Law

    A team player who believes in inclusiveness. He likes to keep himself abreast of current affairs and hopes to pursue a career in International law....

  • Abhay Sharma

    Abhay Sharma

    School of Law, Bennett University

    A tireless perfectionist who has mastered skills like negotiation and public speaking. He looks to create opportunities in the most challenging situations....

  • Ritu Basu

    Ritu Basu

    School of Law and Justice, Adamas University

    An influencer with negotiation skills who is always ready to face new challenges. She aspires to pursue a career in Criminal Law or Human Rights Law....

  • Ashwati Nair

    Ashwati Nair

    Alliance School of Law

    A self-motivated, highly enthusiastic and cheerful personality with commitment to excel. She aspires a career in International law....

  • Tasneem Husain

    Tasneem Husain

    BML Munjal University

    An adventurous person who is an admirer of Harry Potter books. She likes to spend her time preparing for Events and Moot Courts....

  • Sanskriti Kukreti

    Sanskriti Kukreti

    UPES School of Law

    Her biggest strength lies in her time-management skills which is apt for a law student. She likes to write and is creative....

  • Jaanvi Singh

    Jaanvi Singh

    School of Law, Bennett University

    A multi-tasker who works best under pressure. She is passionate about photography and cricket....

  • Chetna Purohit

    Chetna Purohit

    School of Law and Justice, Adamas University

    A determined and artistic person, passionate about singing, dancing and reading. She aspires to pursue a career in corporate law....

  • Harman Grover

    Harman Grover

    BML Munjal University

    A trained mooter who also likes to write on thought provoking unconventional issues. She enjoys playing chess and lawn tennis....

  • Kartik Pathak

    Kartik Pathak

    BML Munjal University

    A generous helper who likes to participate in debates and aspires a career in Criminal Law....

  • Jennifer Philip

    Jennifer Philip

    School of Law, Bennett University

    An academically oriented student who is a team player and loves to participate in International Moot Court Competitions....

  • Aryaman Singh

    Aryaman Singh

    School of Law, Bennett University

    A resilient and perceptive student looking to have effective and spirited discussions. He is a skilled mooter....

  • Mahak Singhania

    Mahak Singhania

    MIT World Peace University, Faculty of Law

    A decisive and semi-altruistic person having an approach to understand situations from unique perspectives....

  • Theodore Edwin

    Theodore Edwin

    Alliance School of Law

    A jovial and friendly person who fancies meeting new people and learning new attributes from them. He is specializing in Business laws....

  • Nazneen Bashir

    Nazneen Bashir

    IFIM Law School

    An effective communicator who wishes to address important legal issues and create awareness about legal education....

  • Sarah Wahab

    Sarah Wahab

    IFIM Law School

    A genuine and self-aware people's person who aims to perform to the best of her abilities and loves to contribute to animal welfare projects....

  • Prerna Jha

    Prerna Jha

    JLU School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University

    A confident leader aiming to promote legal awareness in the rural part of the country....

  • Soumyadeep Dey

    Soumyadeep Dey

    School of Law and Justice, Adamas University

    A gallant young leader who is a skilled athlete and enjoys competing in engrossing quiz competitions....

  • Snigdha Kiran

    Snigdha Kiran

    Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University

    A leader who inspires through her optimism and approach towards solving problems. She aspires to build her career as a criminal lawyer....

  • Anoushka Singh

    Anoushka Singh

    Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University

    A soulful person who likes to read different genres. She is a trained kathak dancer and loves to understand various art forms....

  • Ramdatt Bhati

    Ramdatt Bhati

    Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University

    An aspiring practitioner having intensive internship training under the Add. Solicitor General of India. He is skilled to perform under pressure and meeting deadlines....

  • Sanjoli Sharma

    Sanjoli Sharma

    Faculty of Law, Manav Rachna University

    An ambitious and hardworking student who aspires to serve as a Civil Judge in future. She shows keen interest in dance and reading....

  • Siddharth Nandedkar

    Siddharth Nandedkar

    JLU School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University

    A motivated individual aspiring to contribute to renowned International organizations through his unique skillset. He likes to plan, organize and execute varied initiatives in his law school....

  • Swekriti


    JLU School of Law, Jagran Lakecity University

    A dynamic and creative young women eager to explore her capabilities in trial advocacy and client consultation....

  • Swaijit S.Sandhu

    Swaijit S.Sandhu

    Vijaybhoomi University

    He is part of a liberal university and is discovering himself and his forte. He loves managing teams and is a natural leader....

  • Atif Mirza

    Atif Mirza

    Vijaybhoomi University

    An altruist who believes in living life with simplicity, honesty and sincerity. He believes that one must always evolve and adapt in order to make big....

  • Hrushit Divatia

    Hrushit Divatia

    SVKM's NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law

    A law student who loves adventures and is a passionate learner. He likes to indulge into interactive discussions with aspirants to educate them on various laws, modes of disputes settlement etc....

  • Ashish Rebello

    Ashish Rebello

    SVKM's NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law

    A natural leader having an avid interest in photography, wildlife and automobiles. He aspires to exce in the field of litigation and constitutional law....

  • Shreeya Agarwal

    Shreeya Agarwal

    SVKM's NMIMS Kirit P. Mehta School of Law

    A hardworking perfectionist who likes performing in leadership position. Her keen interest lies in mooting....

  • Lovepreet Singh

    Lovepreet Singh

    UPES School of Law

    An aspiring data protection law specialist who has chosen to be part of a very unique curriculum B.Tech + LL.B with a specialization in Cyber law....

  • Harsh Pandya

    Harsh Pandya

    UPES School of Law

    A solution provider who likes to resolve disputes using negotiation. He shows keen interest in commercial laws like insolvency law....

  • Farhan Zia

    Farhan Zia

    Jindal Global Law School

    An aspiring academician interested in human rights, gender and immigration laws. His academic interests include interdisciplinary studies of religion, law and human rights....

  • Pavitra Naidu

    Pavitra Naidu

    Jindal Global Law School

    A zealous, confident feminist who wants to empower everyone around her. She has keen interest in Intellectual Property laws and Data Protection laws....

  • Akriti Singh

    Akriti Singh

    Lloyd Law College

    A flamboyant public speaker who likes to show her skills through debates, mediation competition etc. She has a keen interest in criminal litigation....

  • Suryansh Singh

    Suryansh Singh

    Lloyd Law College

    An avid mooter possessing skills in research, articulation and management. He likes to mentor young students on debating and mooting....

  • Akshara Kurup

    Akshara Kurup

    Presidency University

    A driven law student with an inclination towards intellectual property and competition law. Her interaction with diverse population has sparked her interest in foreign policy and developments in international law....

  • Anukriti Debnath

    Anukriti Debnath

    Presidency University

    A hardcore athlete who loves searching sense in John Green's novels. She thrives in situations that are challenging and aces in public speaking....

  • Isha Sheroff

    Isha Sheroff

    Presidency University

    Editor cum President of college magazine and literary club. She thrives in roles that allow her creative freedom....

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