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The LSAT—IndiaTM is a standardized test designed to measure the readiness to take on the academic rigor of law college study. The LSAT—IndiaTM is used widely by premier Indian law colleges associated with the LSAC Global Law Alliance for their admission process as it provides reliable insights on essential skills such as high-level reading, informal reasoning, and deductive reasoning. All these skills are proven to be paramount to succeed in law school.

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LSAC LawPrepsm

LSAC LawPrepsm offers you a library of practise tests, and the means to practise these skills at your own pace. LSAC LawPrepsm is an online platform, designed to simulate a real-time testing environment to give you a true sense of testing for what the LSAT—IndiaTM is like and familiarize you with the testing format and questions.

Only practise and repetition can help you build confidence to do well on the LSAT—IndiaTM and other law entrance tests as well as sharpen the critical skills that will help you immensely in your academic journey.

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