Top 3 Tips for Fitting the LSAT─IndiaTM Preparation into a Busy Schedule

The LSAT─IndiaTM is a competitive exam, and one must score a good number of marks to increase the chances of securing admission in the top law co`lleges in India. Due to the competitive nature of the LSAT─IndiaTM and other law entrance exams, it may sometimes get overwhelming for candidates to prepare for the exam and find time to study out of their busy schedule. Through this blog, we are going to discuss some tips that will help you fit theLSAT─IndiaTM preparation into your busy schedule and some time management tips so that you do not feel overburdened while you also achieve your goal of cracking the exam.

Let us discuss some tips to make a schedule for preparations of entrance examinations-

  • Start at the earliest

    One of the most effective tips for preparation of any entrance examinations is to start early. Do not wait till the last moment or the last few months to prepare for your examinations. Competitive exams like the LSAT─IndiaTM require immense hard work, consistency and constant practice of various mock tests and other studies. Thus, starting early will help you go a long way and keep you less occupied during the last stage, when the examination is approaching.
  • Plan your weeklyschedule

    The basic idea is to plan a weekly schedule rather than planning for the entire month. Go slow and take up your schedule day by day. Write your schedule down, prepare a list of your syllabus and see what you can achieve within the given timeframe. Ideally, if you set aside some time for your law entrance exam, you will be in a good position to achieve your goals and won’t have to do bulk of studying at the last moment. Hence, planning out your weekly schedule will help you in the long run.
  • Concentrate on all sections

    One of the most important aspects is to give equal attention to all the sections of the syllabus while preparing for the law entrance exams. Many test-takers benefit by applying this technique of focusing on each section. For example, you may first take up reading comprehension sections and then take two analytical reasoning sections and lastly take the four logical reasoning sections. This preparation can be spread over a few days as listed down in your weekly schedule to avoid fatigue.


Additionally, the LSAC LawPrepSMwill act as a guide and navigate you through the difficult sections with multiple PrepTests. The resources help you understand in great depth about various question types and the variety of questions asked in the law entrance examination. Additionally, if you find any section difficult, you can also spend extra time reviewing such questions so that you can focus on your weaknesses and convert them into your strengths.

The LSAC LawPrepSM enhances your critical thinking skills that are essential for success and acts as an aid to prepare you well for various law entrance exams like CLAT, AILET, SET, LSAT─IndiaTM and other leading law entrance exams. The extensive online library and resources related to PrepTests have been developed by LSAC based on its 70 years of experience in assessing critical thinking and understanding the needs of law colleges.

A test-taker can take the PrepTests available via the LSAC LawPrepSM under timed conditions and will have five attempts at each PrepTest. The test-taker will receive a score based on the number of questions answered correctly, immediately upon submitting a PrepTest. One can also review their work to understand the strengths and weaknesses and further assess where one needs to improve. This enhances your test-taking abilities and prepares you well for the law entrance exam.

Further, let us discuss the top three tips to tackle preparations if you don’t have a fixed schedule or if you have a busy schedule:-

  • Block off times to study daily

    If you have a very busy schedule and cannot find time to study for your law entrance exam, you must ensure that every day you dedicate a specific amount of time to study and prepare for your examination. For instance, you can prepare a to-do list and block off some hours to prepare for your examination. This will help you ensure that you complete your daily tasks on time along with finishing your studies. You can also prepare a master schedule which lists down your daily activities so that you are on track with your daily scheduling session.
  • Plan small Activities

    One can always find some time during the day when they are free or a little relieved from their daily routine. If you want to actively take part in law preparation for entrance exams, you must utilize these spare minutes or hours by preparing for your law entrance exam. For e.g., you can take printouts of reading comprehension paragraphs and read some paragraphs at a time, so that you can enhance your reading abilities. Similarly, you can also take some printouts for Logical Reasoning and practice some skills that will help you in taking the examination.
  • Take mock tests

    Test-takers can prepare themselves well for the law entrance exam by thoroughly knowing the exam pattern, practicing sample test papers and mock tests that are available in the material provided in LSAC LawPrepSM. Hence, no matter how busy your routine gets, you must always find some time to practice by taking sample tests and mock tests to apply and improve your reasoning and reading skills. This practice also helps test-takers to avoid surprises during the test and enhances their confidence to do the best.


Apart from these tips, you can follow other methods like revise in between your work, study new topics in breaks and ensure that you get sufficient time to study through your master schedule. These tips and tricks will clarify your concepts in a systematic fashion while also helping you to score well in your law entrance exam.

Happy Studying!

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