Life of a Law Student

When one wishes to pursue a profession in law, many questions may pop up- “What is law school like?” “How tough is it to get through law school?” “How will my future as a lawyer be?” etc. If these questions keep running through your mind, do not worry. Here’s a brief summary of what your life as a law student will be like.

Few things change manifold when you advance from secondary school to college and it may be very different from what one expects. Being a law student can prove to be one of the most enthralling phases in one’s life. It is the best time to pursue your interests, take part in moot court competitions, write research papers, engage with fellow students, learn immensely from your mentors and a lot more.

In India, education in law is imparted through a three-year or five-year program. The three-year LL.B course can be pursued after completing a bachelor’s degree in another field whereas the five-year LL.B course can begin right after senior secondary school.

Here is a list of things that you can expect at law school:-

  • There is a lot of reading to be done
    Law is a subject which requires immense reading and research. Reading prepares law aspirants for leading cases in the courtroom, performing well in moot court competitions and appearing for examinations. Law students have a reputation of spending many hours in the library, reading from as various sources as possible and each day is a new learning for them. It is important to self-impose a reading schedule in one’s daily routine so that one can develop a habit of reading quickly over a period of time.
    Furthermore, reading will prepare you for situations like large-group research meetings and various other scenarios.
  • Internships and Trainings
    In law schools, one often does various legal internships. By the time one graduates, they may have done nearly 6 to 10 internships at various law firms or companies. Through these internships, law students get to experience various areas of law like arbitration, litigation, tax laws, criminal laws, contracts, torts, etc. This will later boost their understanding in the field of law.
  • Everyone will seek legal advice from you
    Seeking free legal advice is what accompanies a law aspirant at all times. Individuals will constantly move towards you for help in various legal matters and cases. If you wish to help others in their legal matters, you will have to do intense reading so that you can give correct answers to people, when they are in need. Sometimes, this may get frustrating for you but it won’t stop. Be ready to answer various questions at random situations.
  • Stereotypes
    Every profession has its own stereotypes and so does the profession of law. People may say mean things to you and they may call you aggressive and other kinds of negative comments . Sometimes, people will also consider you as their free legal advisor and be unhappy with you if you do not help them. Navigating these situations diplomatically will help you go ahead in your legal career.
  • Law schools are challenging
    One must remember the fact that law school is not always a cakewalk. Law subjects are difficult and time-consuming to study. Thus, it is very difficult to take out time for other co-curricular activities. Moreover, the environment is competitive as each aspirant wants to outdo the other. However, one must remember that all these experiences help you prepare well for the outside world while you learn to do your best in a short span of time. It will also teach you to deal with human emotions and how to take criticism positively.
  • You need to be very organized
    As a law aspirant, you should be aware that you have to be highly organized. One must not spend their time, energy and efforts on insignificant things and put forth a valiant effort to be sharp and well-managed at all times. To make this happen, one can make a specific schedule and abide by it so that you do not end up wasting time and instead make most of it.

All said and done but law school will be a golden period of your lifetime. You will grow as a person on both a personal and academic front. You will make great friends and all of you will be doing some wonderful things in the field of law. You will learn the skills of legal research, negotiation, ability to multi-task and present cases before the court.

Once you step out of law school, the world will be ready to welcome you with open arms but it will have its own set of challenges, your interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, grit and determination will decide how you perform in the legal arena. Moreover, your learning at law school will help you in all phases of life to achieve the best and make the most of it.

All you gotta do is stay positive, work hard and gain the maximum from your law school and teachers!

Happy Journey at your Law School!

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