Law Study in India: Expectations vs. Reality

If you are considering studying law to become a successful lawyer, we have some pieces of advice for you which will throw light on how reality differs from expectations. Law students in India look forward to many positive things and come to law school with a lot of expectations. Law aspirants learn a lot of things from movies and web series and accordingly set their expectations. However, it is very different in reality. You may get to learn a lot of things that may not be according to your expectations.

Being a lawyer is exciting and glamorous. It includes a lot of learning and a noble profession; you and your actions are looked up to by the youth of the country. It must be kept in mind that law involves a lot of reading, toiling, perseverance and hard work to attain success in the field.

Let us discuss some points which set out the expectations that you may have as a law student or law aspirant vs. what happens in reality:-

  • Presenting arguments verbally is not enough
    A typical understanding of a lawyer’s day to day work is that there is a majority of arguments presented in court verbally. However, that is not enough. While you are at law school, you will be required to master drafting paperwork, emails, reports, letters, etc. You will also need to draft agreements, contracts, deeds, notices and more. All of this helps you in honing your skills and being well-prepared for your journey in the field.
  • Expect multiple hours of research
    Aspiring lawyers or graduate lawyers expect to meet new people on a day to day basis. However, it may so happen that most of the time spent by a lawyer is dedicated to doing research. Aspiring lawyers also expect to work for fixed hours. The reality is that preparing for cases, research, drafting, and takes an ample amount of time. As a future lawyer, you get a lot of experience from law school and you are prepared to face any legal battles in the court. Thus, your experience at law school is enriching and satisfying.
  • You may not get the desired internship
    Getting an internship of your dream is not always possible. However, you must not worry about it because getting an internship outside your preferred area of practice can help you in your career progress. It will help you in increasing your practical experience and knowledge. Working alongside experienced lawyers who can mentor you well is of prime importance and this will help you in driving your career in the right direction.
  • There will be no fixed hours of study
    As a law aspirant, you may think that you will have a fixed time for studies and completing your assignments. However, sometimes you may be busy with various assignments and back-to-back classes that you may stay tied up for most of the time. Your timetable and schedule will require multiple changes as the need arises and you will have to let go of many social activities to ace the game at law school.

Whether you are preparing for any sort of entrance exam or LSAT—IndiaTM or whether you aim to get into any of the colleges affiliated with LSAT—IndiaTM, these points must be remembered by you so that you can sail through the journey easily.

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