How to Utilise The Last Few Months of Your
LSAT—IndiaTM Preparation

The last few months of your LSAT—India prep is the best time to put you in the right position for obtaining your best possible score. However, to obtain the best possible score you will need a lot of determination, ample practice, and revisions. You must remember that your LSAT—India score is one of the most important factors in law school admissions and thus you must give yourself sufficient time to study.

To ensure that you prepare well for your LSAT—India examination, you must follow a well-planned schedule. The LSAT—India examination is best mastered through a set methodology and focused practice. It is generally believed that getting the best possible score for your LSAT—India examination requires at least three or more months of consistent study.

Here are some tips that will help you conquer the last few months and use them in the best possible manner to get your top possible score in the LSAT—India examination:-

1. Draft out a study schedule

It is highly recommended that students must draft out a study schedule and devote 2 to 3 hours per day for at least 4 to 5 days in a week for their LSAT—India preparation work. A formal schedule can be prepared in a manner that all the sections are covered and equal attention is given to each section.

Since the test is entirely skills-based, the best way to get better at it is to practice consistently and regularly over a long period. Thus, emphasize more on reading newspapers, keeping updated with the latest legal amendments and case laws. You must plan your schedule in a specific manner so that you pay equal attention to all areas and can focus well. Remember, it is also essential to take a break from your busy schedule. So, practice relaxing while you are studying and taking practice tests so you can absorb well while you’re studying.

This can help you stay ahead of your time and follow a strict routine of studying for the exam. Thus, one must block out his calendar dates and abide by the schedule.

2. Understand the Sections thoroughly

To perform well in the LSAT—India examination, you must first understand the sections and the question formats deeply. There are four sections in the LSAT—India examination

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning- 1
  • Logical Reasoning- 2 and
  • Reading Comprehension


You should complete each section in 35 minutes so that you can complete the entire exam in time. There will be a total of 92 questions that have to be completed. You must practice test papers in a fashion that you can complete in time.

3. Prepare through LSAC LawPrep

To practice for LSAT—India, CLAT, or AILET, you can try LSAC LawPrep. With LSAC LawPrep, you have access to an extensive library of PrepTests online, in the Gold and Platinum Collection that has been curated based on 75 years of experience accessing the skills that legal entrance examinations evaluate you upon. This will help you not just crack the entrance examinations, but it will also help you have a successful legal career.

4. Do not avoid your weak areas

While you must focus on all sections and areas equally, you must keep in mind not to avoid your weak areas. The last few months of your LSAT—India preparation is the best time to upskill your focus and concentrates more on your weaker areas. Once you are confident about the weaker areas, you will be able to score well in those sections too.

5. Focus on your weak areas

Prep tests or practice tests can help you identify weak points so that you can work on where you falter. The last few months of your entrance exam preparations are the best time to focus on your weaker areas, as you will be able to score well in those sections as well.

To improve your performance, you will need to dedicate hours of practice sessions to understand how the creators make questions and how you will answer those questions. Your weakest area can gradually become an area where you can stand out and see the biggest increase in your score. Practice writing samples every time you complete a practice test and you will be able to score better.

All these points will not only help in preparing you well for the CLAT, AILET & LSAT—India but also make you more confident. Always remember that your approach will matter in the long run and practicing through the law prep test series will lend you more confidence. Moreover, you can also participate in the DLI Webinar Series that helps students engage with members from the legal fraternity and discover law as a profession.

Good luck with your test prep!

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