How Law School Prepares You For Success in the Legal Profession?

Law Schools play a vital role in determining your success in the legal field. With changing times, technology, top faculty, practice, and experience-based legal education law schools are preparing students to be much more proactive to face the challenges and are equipping them with more experience appropriate for a legal profession. The curriculum in undergraduate and postgraduate courses prepares law students to a large extent about Contract, Torts, Criminal Law, International Law, Environment Law and Human Rights Law, etc.

It is generally observed that by the third year of the law program, students have mastered the skills of drafting, negotiating, litigation, and doing all that a lawyer does. Law schools have started focusing on teaching about the practical aspects of the profession and have been enabling students with the acquisition of professional skills and abilities that are deemed significantly important to newly-licensed lawyers.

Law schools equip you with essential skills for your legal career

Curriculums in law schools try to accommodate various skills in their curriculum like interviewing, counseling clients, and negotiating so that learners can use them in their practice in the future. Today, top law schools prepare future lawyers to perform competently and focus on the development of professional skills like superior writing skills, extensive legal research, client services, and substantive knowledge on law and legal procedures which are important character traits for a new lawyer to have a successful transition to practice.

The curriculum of law preparation for the entrance exam, such as the LSAT—IndiaTM test, has been designed in a useful manner that adequately prepares future lawyers to deal smartly with the scenarios that may arise before them. Nowadays, law schools are training students to hone their critical thinking and learn legal writing in such a manner that “fluency” is obtained in the language of the law. Moreover, advanced oral advocacy and presentation skills, legal ethics, and practical skills are taught at an early age for future lawyers to practice most efficiently.

Extra-curricular activities give you the experience of legal work

Extra-curricular activities at law schools train law aspirants in writing persuasively, keeping drafts concise, chronological, and preparing them to face clients with much ease. Moreover, students learn immensely about technology, teamwork, legal procedures, time management, planning, and organizational skills.

Times have changed and so has the methodology of teaching at law schools. Students are made to think like lawyers and deliver excellence through their legal skills so that a holistic approach is followed and lawyers can function well in a lawyer-centric environment. Most law schools now train students for modern practice careers and learn new skills that can be used in the legal profession.

With various competitions and assignments related to such training, lawyers are well-equipped with knowledge and can learn about practical skills from their law school days. A more practice-oriented culture is being created at law schools so that students can learn practical skills from their learned faculties and mentors and use them in practical scenarios. Law schools are well-aligned with the current scenario and have made a very adaptable curriculum for the students to explore and meet the needs of today’s legal profession.

For instance, LSAC LawPrepSM enables first-time and repeat test-takers with tools that can prepare them to practice skills necessary not just to ace legal entrance examinations, but also for a successful legal career.

LSAT—IndiaTM is a gateway to law school in India. It is an entrance test through which students can secure admission at the top private law schools in India. The LSAC Global Law Alliance Colleges have fixed seats for LSAT—IndiaTMtest-takers so that opportunities come to students instead of students having to chase seats for admission. You can register for LSAT—IndiaTM June 2022 here

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