Best Study Material for LSAT India Preparation 2022.

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT—IndiaTM) is conducted by the Law School Admission Council. It is an entrance exam designed to test the analytical reasoning, critical thinking and English language skills of the candidates. The LSAT—IndiaTM is a comparatively different examination as compared to other law entrance exams in India like the CLAT, the AILET and others. Unlike the other major law entrance tests, the LSAT—IndiaTM exclusively assesses the critical thinking skills mentioned above. The other major law entrance tests also assess other aspects — for instance, general knowledge or mathematics. All of them have a very significant emphasis on critical thinking, but the LSAT—IndiaTM is the only entirely skills-based law entrance test in India.

To prepare for the LSAT—IndiaTM, one should have a very specific strategy. Also, it is very important to make the right selection of books while preparing for the LSAT—IndiaTM examination. When one has the right study material, they can complement their exam preparation and aim for a good score in the LSAT—IndiaTM examination.

Before choosing any study material, candidates must keep in mind that the study material extensively covers all the portions of the LSAT—IndiaTM syllabus. Here is a list of few points that must be kept in mind while browsing or choosing study material for the LSAT—IndiaTM examination:-

  • Candidates must opt for the books that explain the concepts in a simplified and detailed manner. Moreover, the quality of the content should be in accordance with the syllabus specified for the LSAT—IndiaTM examination.
  • Candidates must look for books that contain an adequate number of practice question papers.
  • Candidates must always select the books that are recently published in the market so that they can learn about the latest happenings, current affairs and changes in the field.
  • Candidates must also note that the books should be written by renowned authors who have mastered the art of drafting the content for such books so that all the aspects of LSAT—IndiaTM examination can be covered in detail
  • Candidates must look for the study material according to the sections in the examination, i.e. Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension.


One of the best study materials available to candidates that help them prepare for their LSAT—IndiaTM exam is the LSAC LawPrepsm. It is different from other materials in the sense that it enables candidates to hone their critical thinking skills but it also offers first-time and repeat test takers the means to practice these skills at their own pace online through various sets of practice tests or PrepTests. It is also very helpful in preparing for a number of exams like CLAT, SLAT, and AILET as well so that candidates can sharpen their critical reasoning, critical reading, and deductive reasoning skills.

The LSAC LawPrepsm also provides candidates with access to an extensive library of PrepTests on an online platform. These practice exams have been developed by LSAC based on its 70 years of experience assessing critical thinking and understanding the needs of law schools. Candidates can take the PrepTests available via LSAC LawPrepsm under timed conditions and will have five attempts at each PrepTest. Next, the candidates will receive a raw score (number of questions answered correctly) immediately upon submitting a PrepTest. This enables candidates to review their work to understand their strengths and weaknesses and assess where they need to improve, thus ensuring success for test day.

The PrepTest Collections for LSAC LawPrepsm are available in three variants- SILVER Collection (three complete practice tests), GOLD Collection (five complete practice tests) and PLATINUM Collection (ten complete practice tests). In addition, LSAC LawPrepsm also offers an opportunity to candidates to experience the LSAC LawPrep by offering one (1) PrepTest at no cost. All you need to do is create a profile to access the free PrepTest.

Candidates appearing for the LSAT—IndiaTM examination can also study using the SuperPrep® whereby candidates can take a complete test in online mode and then view detailed explanations for every correct and incorrect answer with SuperPrep®. Candidates can further replicate test day conditions and then understand their performance, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and gain a better understanding of the critical thinking and reading tasks that appear on the LSAT—India and other law entrance tests.

In conclusion, candidates must thoroughly assess that the study material used by them caters to their needs and enables them to prepare well for the LSAT—IndiaTM examination. Candidates must double-check the content and ensure that it is updated as per the latest LSAT—IndiaTM 2022 syllabus. Selecting the right study material is of prime importance to crack any examination and thus candidates must be very careful in choosing the best materials available in the market.

Along with using the right study material, candidates must focus on developing their reading and analytical skills so that they have a full-fledged plan in place to crack the LSAT—IndiaTM examination with flying colours.

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