LSAT—INDIATM Exam 2022 Pattern

It's tick-tocking on the clock! The June session of the LSAT—INDIATM exam is approaching soon. Like every year, Law School Admission Council (LSAC) prescribes the LSAT—INDIATM exam pattern for the test takers. The LSAT—INDIATM Exam 2022 Pattern talks about various aspects of the test like the exam duration, the total number of questions, sections, mode of exam, marking scheme, scoring pattern etc.

The LSAT—INDIATM Exam tests the analytical abilities and reading and comprehension capabilities of the candidates which are highly important for pursuing law. The exam also focuses on the ability to organize and manage information and draw inferences, test critical thinking ability and the ability to analyze and evaluate the reasoning and argument of others.

The LSAT—INDIATM Exam 2022 will be conducted in online, remote proctored mode and will last for a time duration of 2 hours and 20 minutes. Due to the given pandemic situation, the candidates can take the exam from their homes or any other place.

There will be nearly 92 questions which will be divided into the following four sections-

  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning- 1
  • Logical Reasoning- 2
  • Reading Comprehension


Each section has to be completed in 35 minutes to complete the entire test on time. During the allotted time, the candidate can only attempt questions related to that section and cannot switch to the next section unless one section is completed.

The question format will be multiple-choice type whereby some of the questions will have four answer options, while the rest will have five answer options. Every question will have only one correct answer.

It is to be noted that even though the questions will be multiple-choice questions, they will be framed from comprehension passages. Thus, candidates will be required to read the comprehension passage carefully to ascertain the answer.

Candidates must remember that there is no negative marking. This enables the candidates to attempt all the questions. Also, the test scores will be provided as a scaled score between 420 and 480, a score band, along with percentile rank.

Logical Reasoning will have two sections, while Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning will have one section each. The exam pattern will be in the following manner:-

Sections Questions per Section Time allotted per section
Analytical Reasoning 23 questions 35 minutes
Logical Reasoning 1 22 questions 35 minutes
Logical Reasoning 2 23 questions 35 minutes
Reading Comprehension 24 questions 35 minutes
Total 92 questions 2 hours 20 minutes

The first section, i.e. Analytical Reasoning will test the candidate’s ability to use deductive reasoning to answer questions about a set of statements, rules or principles describing relationships between people, things or events. It will also test the candidate’s ability to understand structural relationships and draw logical conclusions related to the topics.

The second section, i.e. Logical Reasoning will evaluate how a candidate can critically analyze and complete arguments. Questions can be asked from short passages that involve critical thinking and the candidate’s legal reasoning ability. The capability of the candidates to derive valid conclusions will be tested in this section.

The last section, i.e. reading comprehension, will test the candidate’s ability to read, comprehend and draw insights from given passages.

Summing up, the LSAT—INDIATM exam pattern has been designed in such a manner that it tests all the skills of the candidates necessary for pursuing law. The test is conducted to select law aspirations for admission in undergraduate and postgraduate level courses offered at various law colleges in India.

Candidates and aspirants must study well and practice through various mock test papers, LSAT—INDIATM sample papers and other modes of learning to score well in the exam. All the details regarding the exam and exam pattern are mentioned in detail on the discover law LSAT—INDIATM website and all candidates must thoroughly go through the website to clarify all their doubts and systematically take their exam.

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