6 Lessons you should learn in the First Year of Law School

Getting into a law degree college is a dream for many and your first year at law school will teach you many aspects of the legal world. You will have a lot of clarity and you will know exactly where to start from and what the journey ahead looks like. Moreover, your first year at law school will broaden your horizons and will be a lot more than you would have imagined.

A law school teaches you a wide variety of subjects and gives you knowledge about the varied fields of law along with theoretical and practical knowledge. Law school is not only about grades; there is a lot more beyond it if you pay attention. You learn a variety of aspects like legal research, pro bono activities, commitment, collaboration, teamwork, etc. at law schools in India.

While there are so many things that one learns at a law school, here are some things that you will surely learn in the first year of law school-

1. Time Management

A vital skill in all walks of life, time management is a skill that you will learn in the first-year of your law school as you will be overburdened with projects, assignments, moots, and debates that you have never studied before. You will have to attend classes, complete exercises, take internships, and make submissions.

With all the stress around, you will learn to manage your time in a suitable manner so that you can also find time for extra-curricular activities. Even at your internships, you will have many cases to take care of single-handedly on a regular basis. Apart from time management, it will also teach you to how to deal with clients in a holistic manner, and pay attention to details.

2. Being Active

One of the most useful tips that you will learn in the first-year is being active. Your university will offer you umpteen number of choices and opportunities to perform well and learn new skills. All you need to do is keep your valor at an all-time high, be present and active so that you do not miss out on any opportunity.

Moreover, all your activities and performances will shine bright on your CV and make you look like a star performer at all places.

3. Self-Focus

It teaches you to focus on yourself and celebrate your achievements. Things can get competitive at law school and you may end up comparing and berating yourself amidst all the continuous performances and activities. Thus, law school will also enhance your abilities and teach you to focus on yourself and your overall performance.

You will learn to explore ways and see what suits you the best and what works for you the most. Gradually, you will learn new things from your professors and seniors and implement them in your own approach.

4. Stress Management

Your first year will also teach you to how tohandle stressful circumstances. Things can sometimes get overwhelming in the first year, but remember you do not have to push yourself very hard. Be gentle with yourself and take as many breaks as necessary so that you can boost up your future performance.

It is more about gaining experiences rather than just faring well at academics and this is what your first year will teach you.

5. Discipline and Persistence

It is all about discipline, hard work, perseverance, and persistence. You must learn to complete your assignments on time, meet deadlines, and perform well on all fronts. Start early and do not leave your work for a later date as that could lead you to a big trouble as you may have some other commitment on that date.

It does not hurt to complete your assignments and projects well in time or even before that. In fact, it will only benefit you in the long run.

Law school can be much easier than you think, if only you are prepared for it. So, if you relax and enjoy this ride, you will gain a lot of experience. Wishing each one of you the best of luck for your law school journey!

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