LSAC Global Law Alliance

The LSAC Global Law Alliance is a group of colleges and universities that provide the highest quality legal education to India's future lawyers. They are vital allies to LSAC Global as it works to advance the cause of justice by promoting quality, access, and equity in legal education space.

Member institutions of the LSAC Global Law Alliance:

  • Set aside seats specifically for LSAT─India applicants
  • Offer scholarships specifically for LSAT─India applicants

Check out the LSAC Global Law Alliance brochure for more information.

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Download the LSAC Global Law Alliance brochure

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Featured Institution

Vijaybhoomi University is India’s first Liberal Professional University, situated in Karjat in the vicinity of the financial capital of India, that is bringing the liberal framework to professional education. Vijaybhoomi School of Law offers the five year integrated BBA LLB program with ample freedom being given to students to choose their majors/minors in subjects such as Business Law, Intellectual Property, International Law, Data Sciences, Design, Artificial Intelligence and Humanities. Our premium five-year integrated BBA LLB programme provides students with a solid intellectual foundation of business management, law and technology.
The curriculum of Vijaybhoomi School of Law is based on training lawyers for the 4th Industrial Revolution or as we like to call it ‘Legal 4.0.’ Legal Curriculum 4.0 is a combination of legal education with other vital disciplines, which will be beneficial to the lawyer of tomorrow to serve India better.