Associated Law Colleges

The Associated Law Colleges is a group of law colleges in India which accept the LSAT—India™ test scores as a gateway to the law school admission in India. The associated law colleges offer exposure to high quality curriculum, teaching pedagogy and international exposure to law aspirants. By being part of the association, these law colleges have joined hands with LSAC Global to promote access to quality legal education in India.

LSAC Global Law Alliance

The LSAC Global Law Alliance is a group of prestigious colleges and universities that provide the highest quality legal education to India's future lawyers. They are vital allies to LSAC Global as they work closely to advance the cause of justice by promoting quality, access, and equity in the Indian legal education sector. 

The Alliance aims to provide a framework and opportunities for members to cooperate and collaborate amongst themselves and with LSAC’s global network of law schools. Law aspirants in India have benefitted greatly with the association.

Member institutions of the LSAC Global Law Alliance:

  • Set aside seats specifically for LSAT─India applicants
  • Offer scholarships specifically for LSAT─India applicants

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LSAT—India Affiliated Law Colleges

Since its inception in 2009, the LSAT—India™ test is widely recognised and accepted by law colleges across India.  The LSAT—India Affiliated Law Colleges is a group of eminent law colleges in India which accept the LSAT—India™ test scores for law school admission. These colleges aim at creating opportunities for law aspirants and promoting quality legal education in India.

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